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Pocket and Back Logo on Same Screen?

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OK...I've been printing long enough that I ought to know this, but I'm still not sure so you guys help me please. I am doing a simple text logo that is yellow, stroked with red, on a black shirt. I've done my separations with T Seps. I know I have to do a white underbase. I'm trying to not have to burn any more screens than possible. Can I, or should I put the pocket logo at the bottom of the back logo for each color? Seems if I could do that, I would only have to burn 3 screens. I'm in a tough market with people dropping their pants to sell cheap t shirts. I'm not trying to get into the pricing game, but I want to try to be as efficient as possible. Thanks in advance for your help. David ps-here's the logo


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You should be able to do it, the design isn't real high. We do that sort of thing all the time to save on screens.
not only would i do it on the same screen, but i would save even more money and use an opaque ink, and skip the white under base.

i buy union ink. i know a lot like ryopaque.

whatever works for you...

in 1 or two jobs alone, the few bucks you spend on getting a quart of the opaque inks, quickly is recouped in time saved by not having to do the white screen.

that white screen is more than just the cost of emulsion.

you have to:

coat it
dry it
expose it
wash it out
tape & prep it
ink it
add that press step to each garment
flash before you can do the next color over it.
after the job is done:
de-ink it
reclaim it
degrease it
dry it

time is money. you can't get time back. EVER.

look how much time you spent above, to be able to print on a black shirt. is that time alone worth 20 bucks? what about on the next job?

anytime i have to print on black, i buy those inks in opaque. i do NOT do white under bases unless absolutely necessary.


when i print on lights, i still use those same inks.. with a little auto formula added in to thin them down. they are NOT just for black shirts.
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Yep. Utiize all availale screen space. Make sure the placements are as close as possible to their respective seps on each screen.

A white underbase isn't absolutely necessary.
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