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rookie905 said:
Heat transfers for sure.....
What I want to do is to be able to print and transfer onto 100% cotton & blended T-shirts(white & dark) , mouse pads , cups etc....

I was planning planning on ordering the Dye Sub inks for the epson I will be buying ...
Will I be able to transfer onto the the things I have listed above?
What restrictions will I have if I use Dye Sub inks?
What is the difference between dye sub and plastisol transfers ?


With dye sub inks you won't be able to print directly onto cotton or dark t-shirts, blends should be at least 65% poly, but for best results 100% poly is recommened.
Mouse pads would look great - I believe most of them have synthetic surface. Cups, tiles and other substrates should be coated for sublimation.

Dye sublimation permiates the substrate - colours of your design are permanently dyed into it and you can't feel anything on the surface.
You can print full colour graphics.
The design will not crack, peel or fade.
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