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Plotter Blade Tapping Vinyl Rapidly on Some Curves

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Hello all,

I've got a question regarding my graphtec ce5000-60 plotter. I'm cutting using Illustrator to Cutting Master 3. My problem is that while the plotter is cutting, on some curved or small lines the plotter chooses to have the blade tap rapidly instead of cutting a smooth curved line. It seems like the blade taps in the same spot multiple times as well. Previously I used robo-master pro with no issue. Illustrator just seems to cut smoother...if I can figure out this one issue.

I'm still kind of new to the world of cutting vinyl but I have figured out how to convert raster to vector, outlining the image, changing the stroke to black, etc. I just cannot figure out this tapping issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Thank you in advance!

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In my experience its down to a bad image convert, there is "muck" left instead of a clean line so the blade is actually cutting this also.
Im not sure on your skill level so sorry if you've already checked and ticked this off only this happened to me all the time when i first started out and it took me a while to figure out, try zooming right in on the area of the design that gives you issues on the computer and just check there are not pathways other than what you expect.
Try cutting just some typed letters and see if the issue continues. If you don't see this on typed letters, it could be artwork related.

Select all of your artwork using the select all function.
Change the strokes to all black color.
Turn off the fill.
Examine your artwork for discrepancies and crossed entities.
........ try zooming right in on the area of the design that gives you issues........
I still see this once in a while on new designs we work with.

I've had to zoom up to 800% or more before locating the problem. It's amazing what the cutter will try and cut...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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