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Please review my site

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Hello Everyone
We just completed our new site and I want to thank everyone in here for helping us with the entire process from making the shirts, ordering the right paper and the best ink and leading us to the Zen Cart forum where everyone is as friendly and helpful as all of you. Without all of you, we wouldnt be where we are today. Words can not express our gratitude. Can you please review our site and let us know what you think. We welcome any feedback positive or negative.

Much Gratitude

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The Bad:

1) Change your site title. The top bar should not read "Zen Cart!..."
2) Check your META tags... I'm not sure why you would have 'open source' as a tag for your site.
3) Read up on SEO. Your urls are by no means search engine friendly.
4) You used frames :( while this is not a bad navigation technique for the end user, it will make it very difficult for search engines to properly index your site.

And to leave you on a good note!:

The site looks great to the end user. It's very easy to navigate and your site is very simple to follow. I commend you on how well the site turned out with you just using MS Word. I would however try to make it search engine friendly if you want to get some easy traffic to your site.

Best of Luck!!!
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you need to optimize your images for that black background.. I'm not sure whats really going on.. you might have big images squeezed in a small space, or you dont have transparencies working well.. OR the images are just not good quality.. but either way, those jagged lines all around your images is a bad thing.. Being in a graphical nature industry means it can make or break your website.

The page also looks jumbled.. it should be in a nice neat package.. Right now, the top is very right sided and heavy because of the logo on the left and the three images on the right... then when you look through your catalog, the center content remains centered so the whole thing looks off.

Over all, i'm not a huge fan of the black background, and the SAY CHI and DEFINE CHI dont REALLY tell me what those links will lead me to.. Its like ambiguous navigation.. I usually DONT click on links when i dont know where they will lead me.

Also, your product images are clearly just images photo shopped onto a template
Look at this product image
Divine Yin Yang (Grey) [M028] - $15.99 : Zen Cart!, The Art of E-commerce
it is WAY off.. the angle of the shirt doesnt match the angle of the image you pasted on there.. THats not really good and doesnt show off your designs in a good way whatsoever

Overall, i think it needs a bit more work to make it look professional and make it marketable
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Im going to have to agree with lindsayanng, But with a little more work I think it will be great!!
Good luck
Thanks for the info. I paid a web designer to build the site and then when I saw so many things I wanted to change, he is no where to be found to fix them. So, we have tried to fix everything in Zen Cart ourselves, never designing a site or using code before, as you can see it has been a long process with many mistakes. I will get on the zen cart forum right away to see how to make these changes. I appreciate the feedback. I want to do it right so I am glad you are being honest.

Much Gratitude, enjoy your day
Linsayanng - thanks for the feedback, I will change the title to something like "What does Chi mean", I just wanted people to know what CHI is. Many people think it is the Greek alphabet but that is pronounced KI and totally different. For "Say Chi", well that was supposed to be corny and represent "Say Cheese" so customers can send in their photos wearing our shirts. Maybe your right because being cheesy, people dont always get it, so I will rethink that one. I see your point on the right side being heavy, never saw that so I will make it all centered. As for the images, not sure how to change that because the web designer used all of my photo shop images to upload, any info on how to do that would be much appreciated. Again, thanks for the info.
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