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Please Review and Critique My Website

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It is to promote my screenprinting and sublimation services to the general public.
Please go through and let me know of any updates, improvements I can make.

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A couple of things that I see are:

The first thing that catches my eyes are the tees. They are very cartoon looking and then right below it are some samples of actual products. The shirts look kind of cheesy. There are tons of realistic looking t-shirt comps out there that would look nicer.

You quantity price breaks are off. If I buy 12 shirts from the first level it costs me $5.25 and then I go to the next level and I can get 12 shirts for $4.75 which doesn't make sense. It should go 1-11 then 12-47 and so on, or 1-12 then 13-48 and so on. It would just make more sense to me.

Is you set up cost per color or per screen. If I order a 2 sided one color job are you still only charging $10 cause it's only one color or $20 cause I will need 2 screens?

I like the site, it's straight forward and simple and easy to navigate which is what I like in a site.

Just my 2 cents
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Excellent, thank you so much for the feedback. I will do some upda updates this week!
It looks good. One thing, and it might just be my eyesight, but I found it hard to read the set up charges easily. I couldn't even find them at first.

Also are the prices the same for white, light and dark color shirts? The only reason I ask is you make the claim that you sell the shirts at cost, and many people probably know white's are less. Some people might ask.

Overall real nice site, nice job!
yeah, I didn't think the pricing fully through yet. I usually give quotes based on each specific job anyway. But I will figure something else out.
I think it is pretty good for what type of business you have. There is nothing that I saw that would turn off a prospective customer. I think people who are looking for your types of service will stay on your site and check things out once they find it.
I would make the logo and header at the top a link to the homepage. Really minor, but it's pretty standard and most users assume it will be a link.
looks good . I do think the home page is a little to busy besides that it looks great.
Very easy to navigate and good colors! Just saw one typo under "no mimimum orders".

If you'd like to add a T-Shirt Designer so customers can design/upload online that's the only thing I see that would take it over the top.

Great Job!
Thank you all. I updated a few things as per the feedback. I'm am trying not to to make the front page look too "busy", but it seems difficult because I want to get across the jist of what my services are within the very first seconds of opening the site. I am also going to redo the logo in the top left corner.
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