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please help

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Hi guys am a graphic designer and a couple of moths ago i decided to put my designs on t shirts and sell them on etsy, like i said am just a graphic designer and dont know how to print t shirts, what i do is when i get an order i sent the design to those print one demand companies, by the time i pay to that company and etsy fees i made like a couple of bucks, and is not that i sell tons of t shirts , i have sold like 30 t ****s in 3 months i see there is lot t shirts shops on etsy selling a lot of t shirts how do they do it? do they print them or they send it on demand companies? , if someone can give some tips about this matter i will appreciate it, what brand of t shirts to use, should i learn how to print them my self and more profit? or keep doing what am doing, if so what es the best company to do it, please any advice will be appreciate it, thank you , happy holidays
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I have a Etsy store also and find it much slower then eBay. like 10/1 sales. Do you promote the store or just rely on Etsy traffic? I would look at the bigger sale stores and see what they are doing compared to yours.
am very new to this business so there is a lot of things that i need to learn, how do you print?
post a pic of your designs, as this will greatly influence the direction to take

under the quick reply box hit 'Go Advanced', then scroll down for 'Manage Attachments'
then upload an image from your computer, then hit close window

you can make it small and blurry if you are worried about copying,
just so long as it represents the general look of your designs
As you know many people sell on Etsy and Etsy has a listing of fulfillment services available to their vendors. You will just have to start contacting the individual businesses until you find what you need to satisfy your wishes. Costs and services will vary from company to company. Find out what is best for you
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