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please help

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can some one please help me
i need to know if i could use pigment ink on cup and plate. is there any special type of paper if it could be used.
also could i use pigment ink on pendents for chains
also please does any one know where could i buy sublimation ink for epson c120 cheap
thank you all you are always so help full.
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Pigmrnt ink will not adhere to a cup and plate it has to be subimation ink and the cup and plate must be speciflically designed for sublimation. You can not just use regular cups and plates. You will also need to use sublimation transfer paper for it to work correctly.

I have not found cheap sublimation inks as I am looking as well.

thank you
someone told me that i could use pigment ink on cups but knew i had to ask the experts. i trying to start my loving memory print shop in memory
of my son. but boy this has been so hard since i really don't know any thing
about it. thank you so much.
? please
do you know if they sell sublimation ink in catriges for epson c120
i have looked all over but reality is that i'm not to chore of what i'm looking
for. is there a web site where you buy your sub ink that i could go to.
again thank you so much have a great day.
Go to www.bestblanks.com and check out there sublimation supplies. I do believe they have sublimation cartridges for your printer.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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