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please help to find a printshop

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Hi all,

Does anyone know about service where you could upload your custom design (single color, white or light-blue on dart fabric) and get by mail the _printouts_ that you can iron on your own fabric? I need about 2 dozens of prints to put on different t-shirts and I don't want to deal with buying a printer, paper etc...

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I don't know if you'd want to use an iron-on, but there are lots of places that do that type of service.

Here's some of them that were posted previously that you can contact to see if they can do what you need:
Most of these places require that a customer has his own heat press...

Most of these places require that a customer has his own heat press...
If they are just for hobby usage, then it won't matter what method you use to press the tranfer to the fabric.

You can get the printed transfers probably from any of those companies, how you apply it is up to you :) They probably recommend using a heat press because that gives the best results because of pressure/timing/equal heat, but you can always experiment with a home iron.

they make transfers from your supplied files. You need a heat press to finish.
:::::: that sounds like a neat idea. Let someone else make it, delivered to your door ready to apply.

hey, I know a lot of peeps who do it as you are.......for a living and love it.
transferexpress.com they print out the transfers ship them to you and you press them, it's that simple
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