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Please Help!!! Noob looking for help with registration on muli color projects!

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I have a pretty noob question, but I am new to screen printing still. I purchased a 4 color, 2 station manual press. I was working a lot with one color shirts, and it was very easy registering the tee. I was using plastic that I would tape to the table, next to the press, and let it lay over the platen. From there I would print on the plastic, and would use it for registering the rest of the shirts. I am getting into 2-4 color projects now, but I am unsure how to register it. I do not know what micro-registration is, or any other techniques I can do to line up 2-4 color projects. Please help me out. Thanks!
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Hello there shane.
You have to output the films with some kind of registration. Print with center lines helps too. The trick is to put each film on the screens in the same place. With trail an error you line it up. Micro registration makes it easier. It can fine tune things in small nudges, not slap nudges.
I prefer L shaped registration marks. For single colors draw a line down the center of your platen and center the screen. For multicolor jobs, tape the film centered to the platen then align each of your screens using the registration marks.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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