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Please help noob, ive posted pics also

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Below I have posted a few pictures of this 6 color 4 station press I have purchased. The only problem is it didnt come with any instructions on how to adjust / use it. Im starting out and would desperately care for some help.

Im mainly making tshirts and hoodies. The platens on this dont have a 'collar' cut-out so thats confusing also I am not sure how to orient the shirts, or where to print. :(

I posted a few pics of the "head" because im not sure what teh knobs are. I know one is to clamp the screen in place, but not sure of the other.

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Hi Jason - Sounds as if you're starting into this whole thing from scratch. The press instructions are going to be fairly minimal (if they exist at all). The screen clamps in place here and you set off contact there. Otherwise, there's not much to tell you instruction-wise.

Wouldn't be a bad idea to go to a garment printing class. They are available around the country. I would recommend you contact your closest screen print supplier (inks, screens, etc.) and ask them for some direction in finding some basic screen printing instruction.
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The second knob thing is for ajustment you clamp the screen in , not really Micro but how you would make the adjustments for registration . There are many guys useing the square platen ( not shape for the neck ) just get a centerline and a line for the neck and place shirt .
good luck have fun learning
does this look like it was worth $800?
I wouldn't give 800$ for it but if it holds registration and works for you it was probably worth it.
There's no numbers or info on it anywhere?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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