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Short backstory. My name is Adam Green, I am somewhat of a graphic designer that can't draw, at least not good enough to do what I want to do. I run a small family owned wood shop. I live in East Tennessee, about the mid point between Knoxville and Johnson City in a small city, Morristown.

I would like to find a screen printing shop to have a custom shirt made for my shop. I want full custom artwork created.

I'm coming to you guys because I need help finding a shop that can accomodate my custom artwork request. I have tried 4 times over the past year to contact Rachel Screen Printing to no avail. I've tried to contact them twice through their website contact service, and today marks the second time I'v called to just get pricing info. I have cash in hand/bank ready to start the process.

I really like their artwork, which is why I was talking to them. If anyone is familiar with them in this forum, hopefully someone can point me to another shop that can create custom artwork to their level, or better.

Their minimum order is 144 pieces and I have no problem with that.

I know exactly what I want. I have the idea in my head and can give a vivid description of the design I would like created.

Brief description if anyone knows a particular shop/artist who would enjoy creating this piece of artwork.

As I said I own a wood shop, so I want a design where I'm pictured as a evil/insane wood worker. If anyone has seen the movie "Sausage Party" think like that. Everything is alive. My tools of course would be trying to do harm to the wood. Hammers, nails, Screws, Screwdrivers everything would all be the enemy of the wood. I definetly want a Evil/Mad Scientist/Serial Killer type vibe to it while creating a vibrant scene with vibrant colors. Completely exaggerated illustrations design. I guess think new school tattoo art. I don't want cartoon in the sense of black outlined images, I want it to appear photo realistic, just in that exaggerated style.

I know that Rachel will give me the artwork with the agreement that if I have it printed on any garments I have to use them, however for business cards, flyers and things like that, I am free to use the artwork. I would like that option as well, as well as someone who will provide me with a transparent background version as well.

I have my business logo ready to use as well.

Can someone please help! I'm evening willing to send you a free gift if you recommend a shop and I end up using them. If multiple people recommend the same shop, I will choose someone random for the free gift.

I have cash in hand READY TO BUY. Doesn't matter where the shop is, although I'd prefer somewhere with in say a state radius of Tennessee just for shipping preferences.

Thank you.
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