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Please help identify these lips

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Hello does any one have these vector lips 馃槃? If so can you please share them or send to the website to purchase them ..:) thanks in advance !!!


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Good luck on finding this image! BTW, did you know that using the Chrome browser, if you right-click on an image you can choose to do a Google search for the image. It's usually really good. Tried it on your image but no joy. Google doesn't appear to recognize it.
I didn't know that Thanks for the information
Fantastic !!!!!!! Thanks so much !!!!!:)
and, there is no sharing files here unless things have changed
If you can send me to another location I can check them out. Thank you
I don't know if you still need them this site has some.
LIPS | All Silhouettes
Thank you so much I will check it out ..
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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