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please help how are company doing these photoworks t shirt

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hello everyone hope someone can help me im tying to work out how these company are doing photowork t shirt or photo booth tshirt
Mr Porkys Stag, Hen, Holiday T-shirts
Mr Porkys Step 2: Choose Stag Photoworks Design
there quite a few company doing these what program/ software they using as when i use photoshop i can get them looking right hope some one can help me thankyou in advance
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looking over the gallery, my guess would be a bitmap editor like Adobe Photoshop. A digital photograph is a raster/bitmap image
I agree with Red514, Photoshop tweaking and filters can do that in a matter of seconds....actually those are pretty poor examples as they look like an amateur did them. Just my opinion.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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