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PLEASE HELP. Heat press question-temperature question

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I have a Aiset YLE-2001. I recently bought it used and the owner does not have a manual. I cant find one online either. When I turn the machine on and let it heat too 400 degrees, it doesnt get that ht. I even put the temperature strip on the top palate. Even though it reads 400 degrees farenheit, am i still supposed to wait for it to get heated up more, and if so how long? Also when i set the temperature, the temperature on the digital meter still rises continuously. Is that normal? Also, The pressure knob is twisted all the way to the right and the pressure still doesnt seem as much. He forgot to include the pad. Do I need to use the pad? Is that why the heatpress is not working for me?
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400 is a little too high. Most media come with instructions as to time, temp, pressure, etc. High pressure, reasonably hard to close with both hands. Medium pressure, fairly hard with one hand. Light pressure, fairly easy with one hand. You will have to have enough material added to achieve the required pressure. God Bless.
Sounds like there are problems with this machine. Everything that you mentioned is abnormal. Yes, you must have a pad for the base of the heat press.
Thsnks guys. The instructions ssy from 375-400 degrees. Once i set the degrees amount the temperaturr still rises. Is that abnormal? I have the pressure on heavy. The knob is all the wsy to the right but its not hard to push down either


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