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Please help! Artwork is fuzzy

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OK, Im just a printer, not a graphic artist:eek: and for some reason no one can seem to figure out what to do. ok, heres the deal..I have an image and it has a dot pattern/fuzzyness around the edges of the image:mad:. My artist is out for a couple weeks and this job is due by tmrw and Im not sure how to clean it up so it will burn and print a crisp edge. I would attach the file to this post, but im not quite sure how. If anyone is out there willing to lend a helping hand let me know an:confused:d I can email you what I have so you can take a looksie at it! Thank's everyone!:D
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i would guess that the image you are trying to create is a photoshop file... in that case you are probably seeing the actual pixels of the design.. since PS is a raster program.. you can try to bump up your resolution. Best to have to artwork created at size when using photoshop... but vector graphics are your best bet to have clean images.

also, if you are trying to enlarge a raster file, it will pixelate to some degree... so again, creating the artwork at size should help this.

also, the method you are using to physically print your positive(through a RIP etc) has some impact on how it comes out. You may have to adjust some settings in your art file and through the driver to get it to print properly...

hope this somewhat helps-nate
Bump the resolution to 600 lpi... I print my positives using photoshop with that all the time with great results...

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are you printing through a RIP? does the image have halftones?
you can reply to [email protected] if you like
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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