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Please give honest feedback on designs and site.

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Just started my new lwebsite and launched my first line and would love to hear what you all think. Please be honest i would appreciate it
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Once you click on a shirt and want to go back so you click browse shop you get an error page and it did that each time. That open heart design is awfully close to the one by Zales (I think that's the jeweler who sells it, maybe Kay). Anyhow you need bigger pictures or the ability to enlarge your pictures so that people can see the design. Also you might try taking a pic of someone actually wearing the shirts rather than just laying them on the floor and taking a pic of them, like the picture of the man wearing the shirt on the design page. But you still need to be able to enlarge the image.

Other than that the designs are logos of your company. Unless you have a big brand name out there I don't see why someone would want to purchase them. You need something that will appeal to the masses or at least to a target audience. Once you're big like Nike people will buy your logo.
your site looks boring/diy and so do the shirts.

it looks like your selling satellite dishes or hard to read logos.
or something about astronomy.

when i enlarge photos i don't expect or want things to bounce on the screen ..get a WordPress find a cool template buy it and add a shopping cart to it bam cool looking site done.

read some logo design books ..get the point across to me sell me on empowering my self make something trendy that people will spend money on. people love trendy ;) look at mma style shirts that stuff sells all day long around here.

seriously not trying to hurt your feelings but someone needs to tell you now before you waste a bunch of time/money on this and it goes nowhere .. best of luck.

p.s. you have a cool name for your clothing/website
Low quality logo straight away detracts any connection of quality. And the type to the right says you are high quality. Complete contradiction. If your logo is saw-toothed, then my thoughts as a potential customer are that all your prints will be of a low quality, saw-toothed print, too. Why does your main logo look like a 1980's gaming console logo when you are meant to be promoting inner peace, strength and harmony?

Also: Bad script on the logo, bland shirt designs - all on the same "natural" colour shirt, a praying budda that has the site you took it from overlaid all over it and no relevance to any message or any reason why it is actually there.

Not getting at you, but you asked for honest opinions.

My thought process as a potential customer, a person in the industry, marketing degree, and someone with web design experience:

~What is this site really about and why would I buy into it? Weak explanation at best. Why do you understand and represent your customers?
~Your message confuses me, therefore your message doesn't work. Work on it. + bad grammar / spelling on your core message. "True reality exist within yourself" Really really bad basic mistake. exists.
~What is the featured design? I try to click on it and nothing happens - you don't even explain why it is featured or even what the design is about. What is it? A swish and some dots??? Is there a meaning behind it - if so, explain. Where is it from? Looks kinds Arabic?
~Who is print mojo? why as a customer would I care that a completely different company that I have never heard of prints your shirts. So you are actually telling customers that as a brand you don't even print your own shirts? Very confusing and takes away from your brand unless you explain or delete
~ "from the mind of J" - who's J and what are his / her qualifications? I don't know who J is - to me it sounds like a jumped up personality who loves themselves. Sorry - but that's how it comes across to me
~Most of the script is even too small to read on the shirts. If you are promoting a brand or message, this needs to be obvious and clear - that is what your customers will be buying into and that is what they want others to read when they wear it.

Work on improving all the above and you have a good chance of success

Good luck, don't take it personally and repost when you have made changes / improvements.

We are here to help and make you successful

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When I first go to your site it does not look like a shop that sells apparel. If I landed on your page by mistake I would not hang around because it does not grab my attention. Nothing draws me in making me want to look around. You will only get a few seconds to grab a potential customers attention and the main page did not do that for me.

I clicked around and it is just to much flash going on which makes the site slow loading. I clicked on a shirt and all that bouncing then waiting for the shirt to load screams amateur. I clicked on the shop page and a error page pops up. No way for a customer buy when the shop page does not work. The home page should be for show casing your designs, move that "who we are" info & that statement in the top right to an about us page.

As for the designs...meh! The layout of the designs is just wasted real estate. Why not have a design, and when the customer clicks on it a window opens where you can see the front, back, side, close up, etc. The way they are laid out across the screen just looks odd to me.
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Thanks for all your comments
Sorry ! I give two time feedback on your site in other threads! You makes many threads for feedback ?
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