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Hello & welcome
So far I like your site, have the banner a lot bigger, you dont need the .com part on your website.
Have the logo "Member Christian T-Shirt Community" at the top and more visible, I couldn't make out the logo had to see the writing to the right.
Maybe have "Welcome to Kool Dog Tshirts, Member of the christian T-shirt community". or just the logo after the welcome part.

On the cutoms design page, you have your Tel No. but not the hours it is avilable, I would like to know when I will speak to a person, and when I will get the answer machine. Have the e-mail address of [email protected], I take it you have e-mail address's as part of your package ?. Lastly "Here are some samples of our Custom work" font needs to be larger, I almost missed it and I think you have too many examples.

Be bold in your faith part, I only clicked on it as i'm checking out your site for you. Otherwise I wouldnt have bothered.
So this is your shop part, you need to re-name it and maybe have male and female t-shirts. I clicked on a T-shirt and a new page opens, first I thought I would have to go back to the other page but I did'nt. I really think you need photos of people/models wearing your shirts. Also I cant see what type of shirts are they, material etc. I have noticed that you do hoodies, but they are not on the main website, well I can't find them.
Basically have T-shirts,hoodie section & male/female sections.

Wholesale program, Mortar is spelt incorrectly. I always think that sites that mention earn extra income from home are not be trusted, maybe explain it more. In U.S.A do people have clothing stores that only sell Christian clothing ?. Maybe get a name for yourself first before trying to get people to startup a business selling your clothing, I don't know ?.

One thing I just noticed is, you have the dog in the top left corner , then again bigger but at almost top of the page, I would delete it. You just need one, keep the one at the top right.

Church Fund Raiser - Instead of sending them forms, maybe have a set form on your website, they can download/print or fill in online ?.

I have not found anything about a returns policy, also maybe a news letter maybe good for your business, update subscribers with new t-shirts etc. Last thing, no mention of children t-shirts or have I missed it ?....Also maybe a size chart.

Regards Obeseman
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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