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Among other things, I'm an old biker and classic car wrencher who's been selling T-shirts with my free-hand drawings of classic cycle and car engines on eBay and Zazzle. "Technical cartoons" - just a few each month. My goal is to give the series a better chance by putting them out there in the real market, and targeting motorheads via Internet marketing tools.

Thank you in advance for all the knowledge and experience you might share and for all the time, trouble and money you might save me. I'm not new to selling my designs on shirts, but I am new to doing it right, as a serious business, which I am officially now attempting. My first goal is to set up an ecommerce/shopping cart website, at which I've been failing via wix and volusion. Then with a virtual store up and running, I hope to hit the marketing front.

I look forward to jabbering with you mysterious and wise strangers. Thanks, Richard Zempel
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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