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This is an informational post only. I've read several threads related to PLC issues, i.e., no red zeros visible,...transport doesn't work, use a hair dryer to blow hot air into the connections/jumpers. etc.

I too have lived that dream, with a PLC unit that would work, not work,....work again, etc. After trouble shooting to eliminate other components, I braced myself for the $700 it was going to cost to buy a new unit. Upon the advice of the TIGERS,...sort of a last ditch "nuttin to lose" effort, I sent my unit to them for repair. They discovered a bad SMPS CE 15 module/chip, and repaired it for $40 bucks plus $70 labor. I received the unit back overnight (had orders stacking up) and Frankenstein came back to life.

My point is simply that if you've experienced the on again, off again, zeros on your Neo's PLC, it might save you a lot of time, business and gnashing of teeth, to just dismount it and send it in. I was very VERY pleased with the outcome and received all the advise and guidance I've come to expect from the crew at AA. Thank you TIGERS for stepping up once again,,...Leo, Roger, Jason, John and Chaucer,...all of whom personally got involved during this goat rope !! Best in the business, and my hat's off to all of you !!
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