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Platter frame loose

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Anyone notice that the platten hold down frame is a little loose? Mine doesn’t hold the shirt firmly. So when I print with a double strike the printer will stop and the beam senses a protrusion. Then I need to pull on the outer parts of the shirt to make it flatten out. I’m using position 2 to get the best print quality. I’m wondering if I need to put like tape or something on the inside of the frame?

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Are you feeding the shirts or just laying them down on the platen? Ringspin tees can be pretty thin, especially when feeding them on.
Feeding and laying to try and make it stay better.
I would order the platen F2100 palette tape setup from Epson. Not sure if I Equipment Zone is carrying them yet, you can call them and ask.

Since the F2100 and the F2000 use the same plattens it will work on either one. No more frame to worry about. I have one on my F2100 and my F2000.

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Thanks Geno, I will call them.
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