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I am designing/building a 6 platen line table press and was wondering what other users of this type of press use for platen size. It appears from what I've read here that the frame of the screens make contact with the platen and some use washers and spacers to create off contact when needed. I'd like an all around platen size that will accommodate standard adult size shirts. A 20x24 frame would require a platen just over 17x21 to make contact. That seems a bit large. I was considering using 18x20 size frames which would let me build a platen size of 16x18. I've read many posts from OneTrickPony and BroJames but was just wondering what others might be using. I'm new to this and didn't want to make costly mistake on the first build. I'm pressed for space right now but will be moving in a year or so and will likely get a rotary press then. Thanks in advance for any advice.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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