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After several thousand prints our R 3000 is developing an intermittent problem. At times the platen jumps at the end of a return. This causes an alignment problem of about0.008 to 0.020 inch. Usually the second print is below the under-base.
Possibilities we are going look at are:
De-fragging the computer - cleaning and lubricating the rollers on the platen transport table - cleaning the USB connection.
We checked the belt on the encoder wheel, cleaned the wheel, cleaned the encoder strip.

I suppose there could be a problem developing with the step motor.

It acts as though there is something causing a drag resulting in a voltage fluctuation or vice-versa.

We have noticed this usually happens after several hours of operation. Something might be overheating under constant use, (P600 fire problems)

Wondering if any others are experiencing this problem.
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