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Plastosol GOLD MINE

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So I was searching craigslist this morning and what did I find??? Plastosol inks for $5 a quart and $17 a gallon. So of course I jumped on it and they replied right back. I took a drive and what did I find. Enough Ink for a life time! Plus there was $2 quarts and $10 gallons as well. Lets just say as I looked through everything I will not be buying ink for a very long time. What a find!!!:D
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Haha nice find!

Hopefully it's a nice brand of ink and not some cheap knockoff :)
its all Union
its all Union
It's plastisol not plastosol. But nice find, just make sure they didn't put any additives in them otherwise you may be in for a surprise. That's why I never buy used inks.
You can't hardly kill plastisol- it'll print. It won't go bad.
I was able to buy off ebay about 50 one gallon buckets of plastisol ink for about $125. I was so happy, but of them were pms colors that sat on my shelf for months! I got tired of looking at it and I winded up reselling it to buy a mixing system :).
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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