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Plastisol message for Beginners and Experienced

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Inks come in a very wide variety of colors, formulations and there are types for just about any substrate imaginable. The variety is even expanded when certain modifications are applied.
Most ink manufacturers are more than willing to provide detailed information about their products. And most of the information is available online right at your fingertips.
Seems like "plastisols" are all grouped together as being the same as are "waterbase" inks, when questions arise particularly from new printers. There are a lot of shared properties amongst each but there are soooo many contibuting variables.
I know it's pretty boring reading but I suggest taking time to go to a particular site and read all the types of inks, properties, use suggestions and recommendations, tips and technical information that is provided. It really is eye opening and interesting.

Stocking the knowledge arsenal with as much information ordnance is the best defense against problems.
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