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Who manufactures the best Plastisol ink and where can I purchase it realitively cheap.

Also, I tried using International Coatings black ink and it ran. It went through my image making a real mess. I cleaned the screen and allowed it to dry and used orange and had no problems. My image came out perfect on my garmet. Do you think it was the ink or does black appear to be more on the runny side.

I have just started to screen print and used different colors other than black thinking it was a color used most often.The other colors I have had no problems with. Do you think that there was something wrong with the black or should there be a special technique I should use?

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It is indeed 110 mesh. I bought the Semi pro-package from Silk Screening Supplies
Semi-Pro Complete Screen Printing Setup
I have been very pleased with everything I have purchased. That is why I am wondering if there was something wrong with ink itself. Thank you for the response.

I've been running the same setup as you now for about a year and I just wanted to let you know a few things I wish I would have known from the beginning.

For starters, your flash unit that comes with is lacking. its so small that it takes a long time to completely cure a large image (anything bigger than 16"x16") You will have to move your flash unit around to get the whole image cured.

Also with the flash unit in the video it says keep it 6" above your garmet. This is not correct keep it about 2-3" above your shirt.

Your next best investment would be a bigger platen, the one it comes with is only 16". Your screens are capabale of printing larger than this.

The exposure unit is next. You may want to look into a better exposure unit, the setup it comes with is good for smaller basic designs.

You may want to invest in a temp gun. this helped me a lot when it came down to getting good consistant prints.

Good luck!

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