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Plastisol in CMYK primary colors

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Hi, I'm new to screen printing t-shirts. I'd love to mix my own colors in a not-too-sophistacated way (I'd rather avoid gram scales and expensive kits). I'd love to do rough mixes from primaries.

I'd love to find plastisol inks in the primaries - Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black - but have seen few color charts with these at the ink manufacturer websites I've visited. And it's so expensive to order a custom pantone mix!

Does anyone know a source that stocks CMYK?
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Almost every ink manufacturer will stock cmyk inks, but they are semi-transparent. You really can't mix them to make opaque basic colors. You need to get a mixing system of opaque ink to do pms color mixing- I believe.
The cmyk inks are for 4 color process printing.
Hi mac go to Nazdar website they carry the CMYK colors to mix your inks and use your primaries to mix color with to I do. LaTonya
I think you'd find it easier to mix with a traditional painter's colour set anyway. In other words, buy white, black, warm primaries, and cool primaries. Yes it's eight colours to stock, but that's not too bad and from there you can easily mix up anything.
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