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Plastisol Heat Transfer VS Plastisol Screen Printing

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Hi all,

Has anyone used plastisol heat transfer before? In terms of cost, print quality and durability, is it better than screen printing using plastisol ink?
As I'm selling the t-shirts at a higher price and trying to make it retail-quality level, would plastisol heat transfer be recommended?

I was looking at this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yo-jaSfAnGk where he shows t-shirts printed with plastisol heat transfer and there's no cracking or fading after years.
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It is not better than direct printing, but for most art could be essentially as good. Of course, pressing the transfer to the garment is another point at which things can go wrong if not done correctly. And my understanding is that transfers eventually age and won't press correctly after some point, so you wouldn't want to take years to use them up.

The main point of transfers is that you do not commit one to a particular style/size/color of shirt until you have an order for that specific combination. So you have an upfront investment in transfers, but not a dozen prints on small red women's tank tops that may never sell.
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