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Plastisol Discharge Mix

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I am really overwhelmed with this discharge game. A friend gave me a bottle of Jacquard Discharge to play with. I tried in on a couple of different color shirts. Some worked great, others not at all. I later found out that discharge does not work the same for all dye types. Ok, so thats easy to deal with. The biggest problem was the obvious smell. I was stoked with the finish but lost all of my steam when I discovered that I would need to wash the shirt after activating the discharge. I just don't want to have to wash shirts before selling them. I do my own printing and I use 95% plastisol and 5% water based ink (depending on the effect I want for that tee). I don't do large numbers of tees at a time, just a couple dozen or so at a time. I really want to work out this discharge thing so I did some research, asked some of my ink suppliers and one of them said many printers use a 'wash house' to nuertralize the discharge paste and smell. So, I did more research here to find out about wash houses and unfortunately, I'm still a little tweaked. After doing some reading suggested by people here, I now have to consider Plastisol Discharge. I didn't know this existed but its in some article suggested from here.

So does anyone know what this is? I thought discharge was water-based only? Anyone who does this regularly, who prints their own tees and does some discharge work, know what a Plastisol Discharge mix is? And do you use a wash house for small numbers (a dozen to a few dozen at a time)?

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I use Union Ink Plasticharge for plastisol discharge.
Union ink have few products
Plasticharge additive
Plasticharge white for discharge-dyed cotton garmets and underbase prints
wilflex has a discharge // no smell // no washing needed // discharges fast i tried a sample it worked perfect (i only have a 6.5' dryer...)
Thank you for the replies. I will look into the wilflex because it sounds like the exact function I need: no smell, NO WASH!
I will check into it first thing. Is the process for using wilflex the same? Screen the paste, add a dye if desired, and then heat or steam the tee after its dried?

In regards to the Union Inks, do the require a wash as well? And is the smell strong?
no dye

mix your base and powder add any plastisol color 1 step

note use a emultion good 4 water based.....
why would you mix plastisol with discharge? doesnt that take away your efforts to get a better hand?
why would you mix plastisol with discharge? doesnt that take away your efforts to get a better hand?
Not completely - if it avoids having to use an underbase you would have otherwise needed. Yes waterbased would be softer still, but one layer of plastisol is softer than two.
yeah but theirs no point in doing this if youve master discharge printing..
I found a dealer that sells the Wilflex Oasis NF discharge... I will give it a try and see what happens...

Thanks for the advice and suggestions...
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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