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Hey guys

I sell vinyl decals for walls, among other things. I've put them up in my shop, which mostly has brick walls (no vinyl on that), and on the metal, drywall, and also on a painted wooden beam (not fun).

I made a bunch to bring home and put on my walls for pictures for my sites, and it just won't stick well at all. I have plaster walls in this old house. I feel like I should have a disclaimer on my site about it.

Anyone have tips about applying the vinyl to plaster walls, or confirmation that it is indeed a PITA or just not plausible? I'm using oracal 631. I got a few details out of the design to stick, but it was very difficult, and I had to hold down pieces of the vinyl as I peeled, so it was not possible to get the whole thing to work.

Any ideas?? Thanks in advance.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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