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Placement for woman?

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Not sure where to post this but being that I am using HTV thought i'd post it here. Where is the proper placement for woman on a mens t-shirt? Is it the same about 4/5 fingers down from the collar or should it be placed differently?

And with that said what is the proper placement on a woman's tee?
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depends on the neck line of the shirt, v neck about an inch
depends on the neck line of the shirt, v neck about an inch
regular neck, standard shirts.
The ol 3 finger trick, but my hands are big, so maybe 4 for you.
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We measure everything. It depends on your design. If the design is tall you will start it higher and if it is wide but short start it lower.

Basically we start full fronts 2 or 3 inches down. If i is a wide design we go to 4 inches. If it is a guys shirt it won't matter too much on a girl as it probably will not be tight fitting.

Another way to measure is to go 1/3 down the arm hole opening for the top of the design.

Hope that helps.
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