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Hi everyone,

I am a beginner in this area so I actually don't understand much of it. All I know is that I am interested in purchasing a heat press who's price is affordable without compromising the quality.

I want a large size press (minimum 40x50cm) and I just found a brand called PixMax, on ebay, whose seller's name is Monster_doodles. This heat press has 50cmx50cm and it seems to be just what I wanted, but when I start my research I just got confused: some ratings are really good, others really bad.

Can anyone help me with this? Any suggestions?

Also, I have another question: I want to print scarves of a small size and that means I want almost all the plate area to be printed. Since most of the printed things are t-shirts with only a specific area used, is it recommendable to do what I want?

Thank you all!
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