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Anyone have a good halftone or pink with black outlining ribbon for a Breast Cancer Walk Shirt I'm working on? I'll be printing in only two color Black and Fuchsia.

I did search the site and looked at the other threads, but was hoping to find a better graphic. I'm printing one larger ribbon on the front with text and a couple of smaller ones as highlights with the text on the back. I'll likely get 2 color plastisol transfers made up for this, but I'm open minded to other ideas for adding good looking ribbons to the white shirts.

I've really got to keep my costs down as I'll be donating these shirts at cost or below. I've got some designs I've found online, but they are very flat and cheap looking. Its important to me to make these shirts look as good as possible while keeping cost down because I'm likely going to have to eat much of the costs and write them off as advertising. I'll be doing about 40 shirts. I even wondered about just adding on the ribbons with JPSS or something, but I think the costs might start getting a little high if I add that ontop of the 2 color front and back shirts. Thanks!
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