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Pigment ink printing - does it really leave an outline of the paper?!

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I read this post: http://www.t-shirtforums.com/showthread.php?t=3452

and the guy mentions that if you use pigment ink printing, when you remove the paper you can see an outline or something on the t-shirt?! is that really true?
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Yes, I think most transfer paper leaves a slight residue after the design is pressed. The residue is usually gone after the first wash. Most trim around the design to make the outline less apparent.

Some paper leaves less of a residue (or none
at all). I think I've read that miracool is one paper.

Also, plastisol transfers do not leave any residue.
thanks for your reply. really appreciate it.

yes, i think i read that too.

also, for copy laser copy transfer i think the so called "photo trans imageclip" doesn't leave any... as demonstrated here: https://www.prodistributors.com/ptrans.html

so that looks like a really good deal.

my quesiton is: does the Micra Cool one work for pigment ink ?

because my designs would not be able to trim, they are complex...
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The MiraCool paper will work without trimming and doesn't leave as much "visible" image as the others but the inks do take a few minutes to dry. You would have to remove them and not stack them until they are dry. It will work with the Pigmented inks though.
God Bless You
The question was
does it really leave an outline of the paper?!
No it does not. it is not the pigment ink but the paper that leaves the outline. Any ink can be used on a transfer paper and will leave a border if not trimmed to the edge of the design.
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