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T D Homa said:
66shirts do you find the trailer a lot easier to travel from show to show with? Also, is that equiped w/ electricity or is more for shelter/design/preping. Very good idea I like the setup a lot.

Badalou, in general what seems to help keep your setup organized as shown how many shirts do you normal stack as shown six? And what type of size range do you bring to shows. I find these threads quite interesting.

Loco, nice setup do you sell the jewelry as shown? Do accessories seem to sell well with the shirts?

Webby, Nice eye-catching sign. Definately a sign that draws any customers attention when near or far to take a closer look at the product.
I think Denim is a good match for tees. But denim is too hard to sell at a outside show. People want to try them on, but there is not dressing rooms. Good for wholesale apparel markets. Accesories are good, but there are some downsides at outside shows like theft. Small items are easy to steal. You really need a good system to deter theft.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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