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Is Photo manipulation and editing classed as art or just a cheats form of creating artwork ?
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in my opinion it takes creativity but unless you actually design the art then to me its cheating. but that being said when the end goal is money in the bank all if fair game. if someone can make millions off taking a photo of someone and gray scaling it and adding a texture then more power to him. but over saturation of it makes it harder for good artist to compete.
Why, are you looking for approval, escaping criticism, or seeking an opinon from an "authority"? Does it really matter?
The problem with art is that it's all subjective. To me, a giant canvas painted in WHITE is not art, a pile of glass sheets with a hole smashed down the middle is not art, but clearly the Los Angeles Museum of Modern Art thought they were because they were featuring these in their gallery.

Is photo editing cheating? Of course it is, but it's widely accepted as part of photography. Whether it be pushing contrast a bit, or removing blemishes, or putting 10 actors together who've never met for a magazine cover, it's become the norm.
The comment was in response to judgements made i have learned a lot of my skills from reading a number of Photoshop and Digital artist magazines and have used what i have learned to manipulate photos and use them in combination with my own art work some of my designs were a combination of images of which had special effects and overlays to produce a design i had put much time into achieving. To hear that i may have just put some images together then called it art was an insult to me.
I agree with Enrique... art is subjective. It is truly in the eye of the beholder.

I also think there is a difference between "artistic talent" and "creativity." And there are certainly various levels of each.

For instance, it may take a certain level of artistic talent to paint a bowl of fruit. But I wouldn't exactly call that creative. And while it may not take a certain level of artistic talent to manipulate some clip art and fonts, it can certainly be done in a very creative way.

So I guess what I'm saying, D.W., is that some people may call your work "art" and some may not. But keep doing your thing and let your artistic talent and/or creativity show through.
Photoshop is not cheating, and it is art. Photoshop isnt just adding grey scales or removing freckles,
Photoshop is simply the next step. Hell I just ordered me a wacom to go alone with my cs5. I bave been using photoshop for years and I am good but still learning new things everyday.

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ok im updating my first post to this, after reading the question many times i believe you asked a major load question. When you asked if photo "manipulation" and "editing" is art. I asked many people this today and everyone of them said NO WAY. and the reason is because your are taking a photo or design or drawing and changing it, ASSUMING ITS NOT YOURS, then you did not create the "art" your just changing it. Now that being said Editing can make a really crappy piece or art or photo and make it look amazing. What people do with editing is extremely Creative. If you create the base to what your are manipulating or editing I would call it art if not its editing or a creative process.
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