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Photos for mugs

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I have orders for photo mugs and a couple of my customers are wanting me to take backgrounds out of the photos and there is one that wants me to replace the background with something else. I only charge 10.00 for my mugs but i just fixed up a photo for someone and it took me an hour. Anyone here do mugs and fix the photos for the price of the mug? I'm just curious on what everyone else does.

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My charge for mugs is for printing without any photo manipulation. If I have to do that, I will charge a minimum of $15-$20, but it does not take me an hour to do...more like 20-30 minutes
It is a very rare day when someone actually sends me a digital photo, so I get all kinds of craptastic pictures with coffee stains, wrinkles, etc on em. Most of the photos I have to scan in and then fix up to remove issues, normally taking me about 10-15 minutes extra if it had just been digital. Some have asked me to make collages out of photos to put onto mugs or t-shirts, etc, which will usually warrant an extra graphic charge. I charge $15 for a single 11oz coffee mug, $19 for a 15oz.

If they're ordering bulk for a family reunion or something like that, then I give them my wholesale pricing sheet which is quite cheaper and has price breaks depending on quantities.
maybe I'm not charging enough then

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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