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Photopolymer exposure question with blacklight vs. sunlight vs. worklights?

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Hi, I'm new here and relieved to find a world where everyone has exposure trials. My question is what is the best possible exposure for Chromablue Photopolymer?
I just switched from Speedball that I was exposing with three 250 watt worklights for 25 min. (Results: just a different shade of green ghost image)...to Chromablue Photopolymer with just 500 watts on for 20 min. (Results: absolutely nothing) :(. I now have on order two 40 watt black lights to replace the worklights for my 10th attempt. While they're on their way can anyone share their expertise before I walk into another blind experiment? I'm willing to use sunlight in the mean time but I've already read the photopolymer is tempermental in the sun....
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Emulsion is UV sensitive, Blue light black or white is the best as far as UV. if you only have two bulbs I don't think your getting the light to the whole film or screen. We have a Lawson exposure unit and it has at least 10 bulbs. We expose about 5 to 10 min.
Chromablue is very fast. Your exposure time should be far less than whatever you were using before given the same circumstances.
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