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Photographs and cafepress...any ideas?

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I recently got a very good film camera and was wondering about how much success a person could have at taking pictures of certain things and selling the prints on different merchandise that cafepress offers? Any ideas on this? What would be interesting things to photograph?
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I know a few photographers using cafepress to market their photography. Here's one example:

What would be interesting things to photograph?
This is pretty relative, but the most compelling photos I've found come from what the photographer behind the lens feels is personally "interesting" to them (either by subject/composition/timing, etc)
Thanks for the link Rodney. Im going out this next weekend to try and find some scenery to photograph. I might take the photos into photoshop and run some filters across them to make some artistic designs or something.
If you're going to be selling photographs on calendars, posters, etc... here's a tip... make sure you crop your images appropriately so that they fit on the products.

If doing posters, think about putting a margin around the image. I like to do 3 inches top and sides and 4 inches on the bottom. Sometimes I put text in the botton area. Something in french to make people wonder. It makes it look really nice and people can just frame it without buying a matt.

There are tons of great photos on CP but alot of the shopkeepers just through them onto the product and don't think about the details. This will set your images apart and make the products look professional.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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