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Photo/image printing

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So ive done some designs id like to silk screen print but I asked my technician who taught me basic printing techniques and she said to photocopy the image several times and that'll be what it looks like on a tshirt...is this true? this image isnt photocopied but when i did photocopy it, it became dark and pretyy bad quaity.

I wanted to use this as an example, is there anyway someone could show me what it would turn out like or what it should be changed to so that it will look its best when it prints.

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you can screen print those pics with one or two white screens on a black shirt. You will have to have the film printed with halftones to get the tonal gradients to burn to screen.
Well, the idea behind photocopying several times was to demonstrate the loss of some detail, most likely in the darkest gray and lightest gray areas, but it really isn't an accurate gauge of how the image will look screenprinted. For one thing, you'll have to print your image as a halftone, and the linescreen you use will make a difference in the detail, as will the meshcount of your screen. Sometimes when printing a "black and white" print printers will separate the photo adding one or two shades of gray ink to better reproduce some of the midtone areas. Printing the image on a t-shirt as opposed to printing on a sheet of paper makes a difference as the texture of the fabric tends to break up detail. That's why a test print on a pellon always looks better than the same on the shirt (and it's why I never show a pellon print as a proof). The photo you've posted will likely gain contrast and lose some detail by the time it hits the shirt, but it's not exactly an Ansel Adams print shot and developed using the zone system to begin with. Why not just run out your film, burn a screen and see if the result is satisfactory to you?
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