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photo emulstion

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I've been using vinyl instead of photo emulsion and I'm ready to try photo emulsion cause my vinyl cutter crapped out on me :confused:

When you burn the image onto the screen can you use a pice of 1/4 " plexiglass instead of regular glass ?

can you use a hair dryer to dry the photo emulsion
or would you recommended a fan ?
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plexi glass will not work as it blocks the uv light and you can use a hair dryer but be carefull. You dont want to dry the emulsion to quickly. What kind of light source are you going to using?
ordinary glass will do, but not too thick. light source can be direct sunlight, a common here in rural Philippines, cheaper thing in exchange of some fluorescent lamps
I'll problay use a yellow light or fluorescent light I'm in the basement (dungeon).
your going to use a yellow light to expose?
Nah yellow light to expose sorry I read it wrong I just woke up.
I'm using a 500 watt halogen it's a pvc stand like the one at silk screen supply
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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