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Phantom paperjam

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Hi to all, new member, don't know if this is the right place, but here goes.......

I have a r1800, wonderfull machine generaly. Not mine at the moment:mad:. It has developed an almost permanent phantom paperjam. Sent it to our local epson express service center, who could find nothing wrong with it (after cleaning the rollers), and produced over 30 prints. Got it back, paperjam. Spoke to them over the phone, and because I could print nozle checks they reckon it was corrupt drivers. Went through the usual un-install/restart, downloaded new drivers from epson, it printed about 10 test prints, then developed a paper jam. It would still perform nozzle checks, so I went through it all again. This time it only printed 3 images. Followed this proceedure several times, now it is on permanent paperjam, but will print nozzle checks.
I have used an awfull lot of ink on this, and out of ideas. In an ideal world, I would simply junk the printer and get a new one, but that isn't an option at the moment. Machine is fitted with cis filled with artanium (sawgrass) inks.
Anyone, any ideas at all?:confused:
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Hiya Sonya, at the moment I have a box of 'true pix' classic. It doesn't matter what paper is presented, I still get a paperjam (which isn't).
I have tried realy thin copier paper, good quality paper, 200gsm photo-paper, in A4 and A3 sizes. It will print a nozzle check on all of them, using the Epson maintenance programme, but try and print from any other programme (even notepad) and I get a paperjam.
I call it a 'phantom' jam because the paper is fed and presented quite correctly, then the top light starts blinking, and the Epson programme tells me there is a paperjam 'switch off machine, remove paperjam by hand and re-start'. when you switch the machine off, it feeds the suposedly jammed paper quite nicely.
I have noticed that if you press the flashing top button, it will eject said paper, then go from flashing to steady (whether that is important or not, I have no idea!), then when you turn the machine off, it will pick up another piece from the mag. and eject that.
All very frustrating, if I could afford to replace it, it would learn to fly:mad:. wouldn't help the printer, but may help me:D
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Tried again this morning, no change.
Any ideas?
off topic... but that would be cool name for a band... Phantom Paperjam...
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