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Gaston Leroux's has penned the novel titled "The Phantom of the Opera" that has been adapted for film 14 times. Amongst these adaptations the best and the most popular cinematic version of the respective classic had been in the year 1925. It had starred the talented and the famous actor Lon Chaney. This legendary actor had played the character of Erik, who is shown as a very mysterious man who falls in love with a beautiful singer.
The respective musical has been based on a novel penned by the talented writer named Gaston Leroux in the year 1909. This novel/musical tells the story of unrequited love.

It tells the story of a masked figure that creeps around beneath the Paris Opera House, and at times terrorizes its resident crew members. This includes the arrogant diva named Carlott (the character of Carlott has been played by Patricia Phillips) and also haughty opera owners. The "Opera Ghost" does this with a reason. It wants to see a beautiful young soprano named Christine (the role that has been beautifully enacted by the lovely actress named Jenifer Hope Wills) to become a successful star.
As the Phantom goes on making threats, the audience comes across a gifted yet a rejected man who longs for both love and acceptance. This feeling has been beautifully explained in the ballad titled "The Music of the Night."
Another beautiful ballad that has been included in this musical is titled as "Masquerade" which can be best described as being the celebration of illusion. A ballad that is much popular with the audience is "All I Ask Of You," which has been beautifully sung by Christine and her suitor named Raoul.Buy the cheap phantom of the opera tickets, discount phantom of the opera tickets, phantom of the opera cheap tickets at low prices...
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