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Personalised graphics using Garment Creator?

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For companies that offer a lot of personalised options to their graphics, is there a quick way in Garment Creator to simply update the graphic with the new personalised name rather than having to import a new graphic every time with the slight change?

I would love any tips on how to make personalisation quicker.

Thanks in advance.

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Be sure that you have the most current version of GC. This will work the same on both PC and mac versions of GC.

1.) Place your artwork (I like .png files the best) in GC that you want to print. I'll be using one of my Logo Tees that I give to my customers.

2.) Double click your artwork in the GC left side window (the one with the t-shirt in it) to change the right side window (as shown below) where you can add the new graphic that you want to combine with your artwork such as a company logo or what ever. I'll be using a line of copy about the F2000 printer for this example. Have the log graphic prepared as a .png file also.

3.) Click the "+" button (in the middle bar of the right side window) to add your logo graphic and it will appear on top of your original artwork.

4.) Reposition the logo artwork and click the save button in the bottom right corner and now you are good to go. Quick, easy and simple.

You can now also choose to save the new artwork as a data file for printing again later under the Save As drop down menu (.gnc file) or you can use the Export/Computer feature under the same drop down menu to save it as a file that will print off of a USB flash drive (.prn file)

You can use that same logo graphic file for different artwork prints this way over and over in the very same manner for other prints too.
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The latest version of the Epson Garment Creator software is 1.4.2 for PC computers and 1.4.4 for MAC computers.

You can check and download here under Utilities:

Thanks to both of you for your replies and sorry for the delay! I didn't think my post summited so came back to post again but noticed it did go through.

Thanks for the steps, but what if you have a standard file and you want to personalise the name only within that file?

For example,

Is there a way in Garment Creator to simply edit a section of the design (for example a child's name) in Garment Creator rather than having to export the same design with the updated name each time?
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