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Just spotted the feedback forum. I think this site is brilliant, there is such an extensive range of T shirt forums cover all area of the t shirt industry and other relevant t shirt info on the left hand side of the site.

its great to have a t shirt community where everyone is supporting each other and giving advice and constructive criticism.:)

the only thing i can suggest to improve the forum for personal use is a Personal Thread folder. What i mean is that as a new member to the forum you usually end up reading a vast amount of previous threads and there is a mountain of info that is new to you. some of this info is very pertinent to your current and future activities and some that is not.

I thought it would be very convenient if you could click on a thread that you may wish to use for future reference, and that that thread would then be copied into a "Personal Thread folder". Then when you need to refer to something in the future you have all the relevant threads to your business in one folder.

I sometime find that I read a post in a thread and maybe a week or month later i might be doing something relevant to what i had read in a thread. I think to myself, i know i read a post in a thread about this or a website was mentioned on this name but i cant remember the name of it.:( As i would like to read the advice given in the post again i find it takes an age to search through the likely threads to find the post or even using the word search option.

Also, it would be cool to have all questions/threads submitted by a member to be automatically copied in to a "My threads" folder for reference in the future.:)

I have no idea of how difficult this is to do as IT is not my area but thought i might suggest anyway, its more of a luxury:D than an necessity.

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Hey there, thanks for the feedback.

You're in luck, that feature already exists in the forum :D

Any thread you like, click on the BLUE bar at the top of the thread where it says THREAD TOOLS. Scroll down to where it says "SUBSCRIBE TO THIS THREAD" and click that.

You will be given a few options on how to subscribe (just save it or save it an email you responses immediately/once a day/weekly/etc).

After you subscribe to a thread, you can see all your thread you've saved when you go to your control panel:

You can also Subscribe to any thread you reply to when you click the REPLY or REPLY WITH QUOTE link on a thread and post a response. In the options under where you type your message, there is also a THREAD SUBSCRIPTION choice there.

You can also edit your "Default Thread Subscription Mode" in your control panel here:

That way whenever you reply to a thread, it will automatically be added to your subscribed threads area (if you want). I have mine set to No Email Notification on all threads that I reply to unless I want to be notified of new responses, then I change it to either Instant notification or once per day.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.
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