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Permanent Emulsion Hardener

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Anyone that prints with water-based inks knows about hardeners for emulsion to improve water resistance. There are reclaimable and non-reclaimable kinds. What I'm wondering about are the non-reclaimable kinds. I print my own clothing line, and if I could have permanent screens for each of my prints, that would save me countless time and money. What I am concerned about, however, is the possibility that when I pressure wash the ink out of the screens, or use discharge inks, or any water-based inks really, that the design could break down, leaving me with a stencil that I can't reclaim that is useless. I know it will break down eventually. If it could go through the process of printing 100 shirts, having the ink pressure washed off and being re-taped say... 20 times, then it would be worth doing. If it only goes through a couple runs, then it would be very costly and impractical. Has anyone ever had any experience using these hardeners?
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We have found that hardening just the 'squeegee side' of the screen offers extra resistance to waterbased inks, but is still reclaimable. So, maybe you can get the extra life you're looking for and still be able to reclaim when necessary.
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