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I have been doing some tests with my hotronix fusion heat press and notice the more pressure the more the more pretreatment discoloration/box I get. Some of this may be amplified by the moisture leaving the garment as well which will create a box as well. I feel as though even light pressure of 1 on a hotronix device suffices and dialmost eliminates a pretreatment box. The force of even 1 pressure pushes fibers down to reduce fibralation. What is gained by anymore than that beats me. I am curious of anyone elses opinion on this.

I am also curious if anyone uses this light of pressure to cire ink as well. Anajet seems to recommend a levek of 5 for curing ink but that seems excessive. I would think 1 might also be enough again because otherwise you will just create the discoloration from the dried pretreatment chemicals on this second instance of pressing. Again any opinions?
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