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PE Design problem

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Hello, I am new to posting but have received SO MUCH help from everyone's posts on this fantastic site.
I have PE Design, and have misplaced my disk. I have my box, card reader, all of the paperwork and such, but no disc. I cannot find it ANYWHERE.
After a long while on the phone with Brother, their only solution for me was "don't you know someone else with a disk you can borrow?" Seriously. That is what they said.
They showed me how to download the software online, but would not give me a security key, or tell me how to retrieve mine. That was the only solution... find someone that has it and use it.
They did offer me one other solution, she actually said "look harder for the disk." Seriously, I would not have spent the entire morning on the phone if I wasn't certain that my disc is officially lost for good.
So, my question is this... Anyone want to share their PE Design security key code? I would never ask something like this, but since this is Brother's solution, I guess it doesn't hurt to ask.
Or... do you know of any other way to retrieve my security key off of my old computer.
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What version? If you do not have the security key, I'm not sure I understand how you intend to install the program unless you are planning on using someone else's key which is a violation of the copyright...
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