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Pcut cutting my parts the wrong size - Scale issue

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I was cutting (2) 5" x 24" long parts today out of 15" wide roll. The length of the final part came out to be 23" and the width was like 4 7/8"

Does this adjustment sound like a cutter issue or a software issue.
I use Artcut 09 for software.

On the Pcut LCD display I see there is a "X Scale" and "Y Scale" Both were set to close to factory settings (I just purchase this machine used) and I have adjust each up to 300 in either direction, did not notice a big change.

Any ideas?
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I use a different software but had a similar problem when I first started. On the screen in your cutting software, is there a percentage anywhere? Mine had accidently been changed to something other than 100% so it was cutting different sizes than what I told it to. Hope this helps!
It sounds like a software issue to me. I also agree with the last post. A similar thing happened to me before as well.
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