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There are pros and cons to either way of doing this.

I have been facing the same question for the last couple months and getting to the point where I will have to have a concrete format for how we will run this aspect of the business.

I am sitting on the fence and if I had to make a choice at this very moment it would be BOTH.

I would offer a very small flat amount $100.00 - $200.00 depending on the quality of the design ( and only if I felt very strongly about it)

I would offer a middle of the road per unit amount - $1.00 - $2.00 per unit sold (paid monthly)

I love all the info Girlzndollz added and it assisted me in making sure I am considering all aspects of my decision. With me being a designer as well I would appreciate having the choice depending on my situation at that very moment.

Also with the artwork copywright I am going to look up something we have used in the pass that allows exclusitivtiy of use and first right of refusal for non-mention uses.

it allows the artist to feel they still have ownership of their work. I will speak with my lawyer about this and see b/c we did not have the same objective when we drew this doc up.

I just like clean cut situations where everyone's needs needs and concerns are met.
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