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Comin'OutSwingin said:

I never knew the story of Paul Frank (the person), and didn’t even know much about the company.

Here’s my take on the whole situation:

Paul Frank Sunich probably has some psychological issues. Very immature. I’m not sure if it’s chemical or environmental. This is just a guess, but due to the fact that he didn’t move out of his parents home until he was 32, the seemingly elementary affection his mother still holds for him (as if he were still a small child), and some of the emotional problems he has confessed himself to dealing with, I think it’s fair to say that he’s not your normal well-adjusted almost 40 year old.

Ryan Heuser is a very ambitious individual, given the fact that he started as a warehouse worker at Mossimo and eventually became the head of PR. Seeing the talent of this newsstand worker, his eyes filled with dollar signs. Also given the mental and emotional state of Paul, he probably didn’t think it would be too hard to get much of his way in the relationship.

It was perfect for him. Maybe he had aspirations of running his own business, and here was a vehicle right in front of him for the taking.

Along comes Oswald, and it’s a match made in heaven. He’s no dumber, either, and I think they both figured that as long as they worked hard and put up some money, they could live out their own dreams of becoming successful.

Did they work hard for what they have? Of course.

Did they take advantage of a vulnerable man-child? Maybe a little bit.

Is Paul himself to blame for any of this? Absolutely.

This didn’t work because I don’t think Paul ever really wanted a business. He’s not a business guy.

But owning the portion of the company that he did, entitles him to more than the $600,000 they want to give him.

The story Oswald and Heuser tell about them doing him a favor by firing him is ludicrous! They empty his office while he is on his honeymoon?! This was no doubt due to Paul not inviting them to the wedding. This could have waited until he got back so they could discuss this with him, and shows a complete disrespect for their supposed “partnership”.

Now they are running the company that they wanted all along, and without the headache of the “little boy”!
My thoughts exactly!
Lets take this as a precautionary tale of partnerships. Be wise not naive.

Though I must admit, I wholeheartely H A T E that stupid, fugly monkey.
And thus, I despise anything that comes from the company :)
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